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Who We are

Red Sun Landscapes is an independently owned company in the East Dallas / White Rock Lake area.  We are owned and operated by local residents who have over 35 years of experience designing, building, and maintaining beautiful landscapes.  We provide our services for small and large scale projects utilizing both contemporary and classic designs with a personal touch.

We encourage you to call and make an appointment.  We pride ourselves on providing quality service that is both beautiful, functional, and affordable.

Our Philosophy

We recognize that times are changing.  There are now water restrictions for most home owners in the North Central Texas area. Some of us lost trees, shrubs, and turf grass during recent droughts.  While we still want to have an attractive home that makes us feel good at the end of a day, we must be prudent .
Red Sun Landscapes can design and install plantings that are either native or are naturalized to the Dallas area.  Drought tolerant doesn't have to mean only cactus and tumble weeds.  Let us come show you the great diversity of landscape practices and plantings available in this area.

Meet the Owner

Trent Cantrell has been working in the landscape design, construction, and retail nursery business for over 15 years.  While working for several companies in the East Dallas area, he has excelled at consulting with clients, designing, and managing the installation of hundreds of landscapes.  Over a year ago, even in the face of an uncertain economic climate, he decided to open his own company.  

Trent believes that property owners in East Dallas deserve quality landscapes that are beautiful, functional, and affordable
In addition to working in the landscape and nursery field, Trent is an experienced urban planner and continues to work with community groups to help influence land use decisions.

In his spare time, Trent enjoys being outdoors hiking, playing golf, and fly fishing.  
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